A living document of the stuff I use day-to-day.

🤔 What’s Up With Uses?

It’s a convenient way to list the gear you have, keep track of what you’re using, and make it shareable with others, all in one place.

Check out everybody elses “/uses” page on as well

📚 Desk Setup

This is where the large majority of my day-to-day gear lives.

🖥 Desktop Computer

💻 Laptops

I somehow ended up with a stack of laptops over time.

💽 Software

I use a whole bunch of software on the day-to-day, here’s a summary of specifically the dev tools I use:

I’m sure there’s more, but as of writing this is what I use daily to get my job done.

💿 Servers & Hardware

I have an ever-growing homelab in my office as well. The lab has a few servers, but not much else.

🐢 NAS Server (a.k.a MoonTurtle)

My NAS is used for data storage and a bunch of dockerized applications (like NextCloud, Trillium notes, some dev environments, and databases). It’s mostly just a Frankenstein of my first PC build from 2012. The specs are:

🍓 Raspberry Pi Cluster

I have 3 Raspberry Pi 4Bs w/ 8gb of RAM I use for a Micro K8s cluster. They’re all setup with the exact same hardware:

🤘🏻 Misc