The projects that I’m currently working on.

I tend to have a lot of side projects on the go. They include websites, web applications, command line utilities, attempts at writing, and a growing variety of other things.

Most of my software related projects are on GitHub, but I wanted to keep a more narrative list here on the site as well.


The site you’re on right now! this is my main personal website. It has a bunch of info about, well, me! I post personal and tech updates here, and keep a /uses and /about-me page up to date.

A more casual place for me to post. Content here is typically smaller, less thought out, more personal, and a bit more odd. I essentially treat the site as a personal twitter with a slightly higher word cap.

My freelancing business, Tinybox Software! I build custom applications, infrastructure, and software solutions for everyday companies. I’ve built custom data pipelines, backup software, marketing sites, Shopify stores, and a whole cornucopia of miscellaneous projects over the years.



A simple command-line tool for securely storing API keys, passwords, and other secrets. I made this because I wanted a place to quickly stash passwords in a linux CLI.


A JavaScript module that saves local copies of form state to IndexedDB. I originally created this as a solution for one my freelance clients; They had large forms on their site that were often completed by users on cheap mobile phones with spotty connections. FormStore made it easy to recover from a crashed browser, or a failed POST request.


A template for a dockerized flask web application that supports asynchronous task workflows via Redis. This was abstracted out from one of my Tinybox projects where I built a flask web application where business users could generate, then download/email reports.

Snakes on a browser

A simple proof-of-concept of Python running in a Preact application via WASM. This was something I put together in an hour or two when I first heard about WASM. if you’ve never worked with WASM check it out, I think you’d be surprised by how easy it can be to get up and running.


Check out more of my software projects on GitHub