Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell 🔗

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This is one of my favourite YouTube channels. They really capture the wonder of learning in a way I find really rare. Their videos always bring on a sense of nostalgic learning for me. I remember being a kid and reading books about robotics or space in my Oma’s basement and just being stoked about the future.

Their videos on space sciences and future-earth are always favorites of mine. As a reluctant pessimist, I’ve always appreciated their realistic optimism; they find ways to highlight how we as humans can band together to solve problems like climate change, not all hope is lost, yet.

They also just released a video on how they finance their business and their goals which lead me to their shop, and left me with an urge to buy a few of their posters for my office. I always appreciate when businesses are open about their process like this.

Check them out!