Hot Dog Renaissance

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a painting by Chris Woods titled "The Realm of Convenience II". It depicts a blonde man on his knees with hotdogs in his hands being consoled by another blonde woman with ketchup in her hand. They're located in a convenience store.

The painting above is titled “The Realm of Convenience II” and was painted by Chris Woods in 1990. It’s maintained by and on display in the UFV Permanent Art Collection1

My history with the painting

This painting was on display between a bunch of classes I had at UFV and I would see it in passing regularly. As a busy student, I always liked the painting, but never engaged with it more than a 30 second stare and a “huh, that’s a cool painting” on my way to somewhere else. Nevertheless, it left an impression on me as a cool piece of art.

It was moved closer to my office2 a few weeks ago and a friend/coworker asked if I’d seen the “Hot Dog Renaissance” painting yet. I knew what they meant instantly. Tell me that doesn’t look like a painting titled Hot Dog Renaissance. We talked about it a bit and it got me wondering about the artist and the painting’s background.

I walked down to the painting and took a look at the nameplate to the right of it which displayed the title, year painted, and artist’s name; The Realm of Convenience II, 1990, Chris Woods.

The “II” at the end of the painting’s name implies that there is at least a “I” in this series; a quick google search proved that to be true. After that search I sorta fell down a rabbit hole of Chris’s art.

Keeping record

I was surprised to find no trace of “The Realm of Convenience II” anywhere on the internet.

Given I couldn’t find any other information about the painting, I figured I’d share a picture and a little writeup of my personal history with the painting here. It’s a great painting that I think deserves it’s own little spot on the internet even if it’s just for me and some friends.

edit: a crunchy n’ crusty scan of the photo exists on the SELIYEMETAXWTEXW art gallery wesbite.

Thanks Chris

Thanks to Chris Woods for making good art.

Check out his Instagram if you like the painting, he’s got a pretty large body of work and appears to still be active. Some personal favourite’s are “Behold the King” and the “Fast Food Nation” collection.


  1. TIL that my workplace / graduating university has an art collection.

  2. I graduated with a Bachelor of Computer Information Systems from UFV in 2021; Post-grad I got a job in IT as a systems analyst.