On the Steam Deck

My initial thoughts on the steam deck after a few weeks with it

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After making a reservation on Feb 28th of this year, receiving a “Your Steam Deck is now available” email from Valve on Sept 1st, and waiting until Sept 14th, I’ve finally received my Steam Deck!

For the last few weeks I’ve been gaming, experimenting with desktop mode (insert “I use Kali, btw” meme here), and trying to remember how to to play shooters on a controller. I’ve also had a few friends reach out and ask if it was worth the wait, so I figured I’d put together a few bullets on how I feel 2 weeks in:

TLDR: I’ve been really impressed by the device, despite some small QC issues with my touchpads. If you’re on the fence and want to game more, but hate sitting in your office while doing it, I’d recommend it.

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I'm Mykal Machon, I'm a web developer / coffee nerd from British Columbia, Canada. I'm currently working at the University of the Fraser Valley as a Systems Analyst.

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