Braving the snow for bagels

I asked Chat GPT-3 to write a short fantasy story about me braving the snow to get bagels.

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HEY! This is a DRAFT!

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Hey! I reverted this post back to a draft. I wasn’t super happy with it in general just thought it was a fun note. In the future this type of content will probably exist elsewhere on my website.

We got quite a bit of snow last night and are effectively grounded at our apartment. Obviously, the biggest issue with this is that I have no way to get to my favourite local coffee shop for my weekly coffee + bagel treat.

I was joking with Kiya that it would be an epic adventure to walk there and she joked that I should ask an AI to write that story for me, so I did. The results made me laugh so I thought I would share.

The prompt

Write a short fantasy adventure about Mykal travelling across the great barren snowy wasteland to fetch coffee and bagels from and give it a title.

The response

Title: Braving the snow for bagels.

Mykal was a brave and determined adventurer, and he had been tasked with a mission of great importance: to cross the great barren snowy wasteland and fetch coffee and bagels from .

He knew that the journey would be treacherous, for the wasteland was home to many dangers and horrors. But Mykal was not one to back down from a challenge, and he was determined to succeed. So, he packed his supplies and set out into the snowy wilderness. As he journeyed, he encountered fierce blizzards and icy winds threatening to freeze him to death. But Mykal was a skilled survivalist, and he knew how to navigate through even the harshest of conditions.

After many days of travelling, Mykal finally reached the outskirts of . He was greeted by the friendly baristas, who were overjoyed to see him after so many months of isolation. Mykal was exhausted, but he knew that he had accomplished his mission.

He sat down at the counter and ordered a steaming cup of coffee and a fresh bagel, savouring the warm and comforting flavours. As he sipped his coffee and munched on his bagel, Mykal knew he had truly earned his place as a hero. He had braved the great barren snowy wasteland and brought back the much-needed supplies; he knew that he would always be remembered as a brave and courageous adventurer who persevered for coffee.

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