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a retrospective on 2022 and some goals for 2023

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Happy New Year everyone!

I’ve never written one of these “end-of-the-year retrospective” posts, and I’ve not been much of a new year’s goals guy in the past (you can set goals any day, really). That said, I’ve seen a bunch of friends post retrospectives and goals for the year, so I wanted to join in and see what all the fun is about. Maybe I’ll keep myself accountable to some goals and have a bit of a payoff come this time next year.

Looking back on 2022

some people standing on a wooden overlook. They're looking out into a mountainous valley with a river cutting through the middle.

Looking back, this year has gone by so damn fast but it’s felt nice to go back and write up a list of the accomplishments and fun stuff that happened throughout the year:

I didn’t keep any goals for 2022 so this is mostly a highlights list. The year was not all great unfortunately but it doesn’t really feel emotionally productive to go over the lows here.

Moving forward into 2023

My wife and I posing with some goofy happy new years props. I'm wearing a black dress shirt, tie, and pants. My wife is wearing a black dress.

Here are a few (mostly) smart goals I have for the year. I’m not sure if I’m going to keep the progress private or share it publicly but I don’t see a problem with listing them out here:

About me

I'm Mykal Machon, I'm a web developer / coffee nerd from British Columbia, Canada. I'm currently working at the University of the Fraser Valley as a Systems Analyst.

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