Spicy Peanut Bowl 🥜

A recipe for one of my favourite feel-good meals.

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I’ve had a few friends ask for this recipe so thought I’d write it up on the blog. Commonly served after a hard day at work or when fighting off the cold; spice tends to clear out my sinuses.

I don’t have exact measurements for a lot of things so you’ll have to do some experimenting; I’ve been sort of keen to the “put sh*t in a pot” method of cooking lately.


As with most cooking adventures, feel free to add and subtract from this list as you see fit.


Rough steps; feel free to add your own twists and turns in as we go


Before starting with anything else I find it useful to cut things up

Cooking noodles

The noodles will likely take the longest time so I start that before anything else

Preparing peanut sauce (optional)

If you have store bought peanut sauce ignore this step.

Preparing protein & veggies

While your pasta is cooking, you can get stated with the protein and veggies.

Putting it all together

Once all your components are done, you can mix everything in the large non-stick pan.


Split things out into 2 bowls and add the following toppings:

Enjoy 🌶️


The recipe is heavily inspired by a HelloFresh box we got ~2 years ago, but I’ve made some improvements since then. If you want a free HelloFresh box I’ve accumulated a bunch of free boxes for friends, take one!.

Disclaimer, I get a $15 kickback if you sign up for more after your free box.

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