About Me

I'm Mykal! I'm currently working as a Systems Analyst II at the University of the Fraser Valley. I also do freelance software development work through my company Tinybox Software. If you want to know more about my career, you can check out my Linkedin.

I also contribute to, and release my own open-source software on GitHub

Technical interests

I've been programming on and off since I learned about scripting in GameMaker 8 as a middle-schooler in 2013. I'm openly addicted to learning and tend to get bored in roles where I'm not challenged.

These traits have led me to a few rewarding jobs so far. I've worked in general IT, web development, and now work as a Systems Analyst II (team lead) at UFV.I've dabbled in a bunch of languages, tools, and services but I'm most up-to-date with the following:

🗣️ Languages & runtimes
  • HTML / CSS / JS: good old web primitives.
  • Typescript: can't get much better than JS with types.
  • Node.js: for web servers, job runners, desktop apps, scripts, etc.
  • Python: I love the simplicity and beauty of Python code. It's just so fun to write.
⚒️ Tools and libraries
  • Svelte & Sveltekit: my favourite way to build fullstack applications.
  • Flask: the most flexible way to write web stuff with Python.
  • Docker: makes deps management, development, and deploys trivial.
  • Prisma: my go-to ORM for node.js-based projects.
  • SQLAlchemy: my go-to ORM for python-based projects.
☁️ Hosting and DevOps
  • Railway: for hosting full-fat applications, and databases in the cloud.
  • GitHub: the defacto hosted version control and CI/CD pipeline.
  • Netlify: for hosting static websites and web apps in the cloud.
  • Azure: I have my AZ-900 and am working on my AZ-204 cert currently.