About Me

Here's a quick summary...

pictured above: goofy of pictures of me, cats, and my Fiancée Kiya


Professionally, I write software. mostly web, besides that, idk- still figuring it out. I have a weird laundry list of technical skills including “modern” web, Shopify theme, and Backend dev. I’ll also be picking up some general IT and Enterprise systems knowledge soon.

I like learning and solving technical problems, and just sort of follow whatever road that leads me down! It’s worked so far!

I also run a small consulting co all by my lonesome, so if you have a problem you want to solve, check it out!


Just another white dude in tech. I like spending time with friends, and family (including my 2 cats), and doing general nerd things including:

  1. Video Games
  2. Building side projects
  3. Touching grass (I like biking!)


I’m one class away from completing a Bachelor in Computer Information Systems with a major in Software Development; I should graduate in December 2021!